The Only Guarantee

When we begin our lives,we have no clue of the future and we can't say anything with guarantee if something will definitely happen to us or not.

Will we become famous...?? "maybe.."

Will we become rich....? "maybe.."

Will we achieve this? Will we accomplish that?

All questions will have the same answer - "maybe"

But there is one thing that will surely happen with guarantee. No one can deny it, yet we feel so uncomfortable to accept it!

Will we die?


This topic, though,so profound,meaningful and important is so easily neglected that we, as humans lose a vital opportunity to understand the most deepest realization that this subject hides within itself.

Almost every sacred literature have their opinion about it.It could all be summed up into just one statement- "Life is a preparation, and Death is an Examination"

These books speak of this complicated matter very clearly! Otherwise science and biology has a very intricate definition for it.

So, the scriptures call it an "examination"! This examination lasts for those few seconds when the picture of whole life comes in a flash before the eyes, as it begins to fade slowly and the final breath escapes the body.

There is a feeling of happiness.. or may be of regret.. or loss..of leaving our dear ones behind.. or of sadness for having left something incomplete, unfinished, unaccomplished.. That final moment is very mysterious, very intriguing, very strange.How does it feel when we know that it's our end now?

Some people whose statements were documented in the Discovery channel's "Near Death Experience" episode said that they saw bright light, some said they saw figures like humans shining brightly, some saw darkness, demons,while some saw peace!

The Dalai Lama says that it is a core spiritual practice to contemplate everyday upon this ultimate truth of life- The moment of Death.

If this is the most important examination, then we must have the pre-notion as to what it is! How else will we face the test,when this exam strikes us suddenly!

When we go through this life, most often we do come to realize that all things in life are flickering... they are all temporary, like mirage in desert. We run after many things, but once accomplished, they seem to lose flavour slowly and we feel that "was it really worth to be so mad about it?." We face the afflictions, the pains, the tribulations of existence. To cover them up, there are instances of happiness that helps us forget miseries for a while.But pragmatically it is hard to miss the reality that this world is a place of miseries.

When one becomes learned he/she may start tracking back as to how to escape all the troubles and problems of existence, and one will surely come to the conclusion that being born here is the root of all miseries. So if one was never born he/she won’t have to go through such pains and hardships.

That’s the final way of checking whether we have passed the examination or not. If we have been born in this world, it means we failed in our last examination.That’s why we are still here.. we didnt prepare well last time.. So we’ve got this next chance!This next Opportunity. 
We have got this life to prepare a better way, moving further from where we had left previously and be well equipped this time.. the exam,like previously, may be taken any moment!