90's are not as COOL as media projects

One of the most shared topic in social media in recent times would be “Only 90's kid — — — — — “ you can fill this with anything and search for it i am sure you will get lot of content — blog post,MEME,Youtube sketches,FB post lot saying how wonderful it is to born on 90's but it’s NOT.

Being born on 1987 and i am sure i can call myself a 90's kid.

Life was not cool as its get projected in media. At Least for vast majority of middle class in world it was tough.

You have to get permission from owner the both the parties should agree for same time which should be comfortable for owner not to you and you have to wait patiently some times alone and sometimes in quee . Yes you got it correctly this is the protocol you have to follow to speak with someone who lives far from your place.

Though we have spent lot of time in front of TV but we really spent most of time in changing the channel than watching . I still remember our Solider TV which has 6 channels and we don't have remote control for that idiot box.

Biggest achievement between school and college students is saying “Hi” to girl . It’s almost like participating in Kung fu competition with chinese kid witout know that black belt in not a leather belt. You friends will tease ,she may not listen to your words,their parents may watch from long distance .

It’s not like in current day where you can give her a gentle friend even if she turns down still you can view her all public posts. :P :P (how cool isn't it)

Education: This is only thing which doesn't see much change from the time it started.Though we have online courses,smart class room, group learning still kids are judged my mere number .

Music: You have to wait for a week to listen to your favourite song to listen once its not like you tap to download and listen in loop for N number of times.

You can’t connect with you favourite TV host to say that you are crazy fan unless you their address even if you have their no guarantee that they open up your letter.

So my only request to all content creators out there is PLEASE stop projecting 90's life as heaven it really sucks in many ways.

Youtubers finish it “Subscribe to my channel”. Twitter users say “Don’t forget to follow me” and in medium we have huge button bottom left. You know what i mean. ☺

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