Nothing wrong with Copycats

Fine With Copy Cats

Other day I was listening to Seeking Wisdom Podcast. Apart from their intro music Drift founder shares great lessons on life,startup and everything inbetween.

In the recent podcast he bashed about people who raises this common question with every new product launch

“What’s the different from X and your product”

We always expect new product to do wonders when compared to existing one. But it’s not necessary.

Larry and Sergey Brin didn’t come up with revolutionary idea. When Google started it was 9th company to try search engine.

Dropbox was not the first company to introduce cloud storage.

And we all know Facebook came after Friendster, Orkut.

So it’s not who come up the revolutionary idea who executed well. While I am typing this story. Instagram slowly COPYING everything from Snapchat and they are not ashamed to admit. And they don’t need too.

In the long run market don’t care about who invented want , as long as the product solves their pain point they are happy to pay.