First 15 days of No Caffeine Challenge

No Caffeine Challenge

It sucks.

When I started this challenge I thought doing some activity (swimming) for 30 days will be tougher than avoiding(no junk food)something. But I was WRONG.

As someone who takes 4 cups of tea on any given day, avoiding it for 15 days is really challenging. Since I have promised myself through this site about avoiding TEA/COFFEE for next 30 days it acted as an accountable partner.

First few days were full of bells and whistles like something I have achieved but the real struggle started from fourth day. Informing and convincing my mom I doing this just out curiosity not under any doctors prescription. But muscle memory started to build over time.

Next to my mom it was a big shock my office tea vendor. Prior to this I use to take two cups from him at the same time.

He think I went mad when I told him “Anna entha month full a tea venam”(Anna I won’t not take tea for this whole month). He got super scary (in a nice way) and left my place with a huge grin on his face. I guess he thought I will take next day. Thank god I stick to my challenge.

Though I have written the first blog about this challenge but I didn’t spread out the word out aka no facebook/twitter share for two reasons. First, prior to this I have tried some decent number of 30 day or 100-day challenge but failed badly.

So, this time I wanted to accomplish something before bothering my friends with yet another challenge attempt.

Secondly, I read that once we shared with the world about challenge our brain gets a falls dopamine as we already achieved the challenge. I want to avoid this trap.

That’s it from now. Will share my learnings in detail once I complete first 30-day challenge.

Originally published at on November 15, 2016.