One Small Hack To Cut the Queue In Job Market

Most of successful people take smart-cuts whenever its possible.

So you don’t need to follow all rules laid out by others to get your dream job. Today I want to share one hack which really worked for me to move little faster in job hunt.

STEP 1 — Scout Job portals

List out companies where you love to work. Check where do they post their openings. If you are able to view openings in your interested department. After finding out matching opening don’t apply because you end up as just another application in the system. Instead lookup who posted the job. Since most of early startups won’t be having HR, mostly founders or department head post in job portals.

STEP 2 — Use Linked In Wisely

You next step is to find their mail address. Use Linked In or Twitter for this. If you couldn't find out directly try to connect through LinkedIn. And wait for two days if they accepting your invitation. If not no worries. You can easily guess their office mail address with 3–5 combinations.

Once you found who posted the job. Find their company/personnel email ID through LinkedIn or Twitter.

STEP 3 — Actual application

Now you have found job in a ideal place and who is responsible for hiring this position.

Next,write them a brief cover letter with more stress on what you can do to improve their business.

And you can even create a 5 slide presentation with your ideas for their business improvements(like content strategy, content plan)

While sending out this kind of mail use mail trackers like sidekick to track open rate.

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