Why Casey Neistat is more than a YouTuber

If you haven’t checked Casey Youtube channel then you should. It’s pretty awesome.

Before I rant why Casey Neistat is cool and awesome than other Youtube film-makers or Daily Vloggers. You should know little bit background about this great guy.

Casey ran out home at the age of 15. Became father when he was 17. To support his new-born baby and his girlfriend he dropped out of school and started his career as a dishwasher in sea food restaurant. During that time got his first video camera as a present. That’s when the magic started to happen.

He started to film anything and everything he found interesting. Then he started to make commercials along with his brother. Then he made an HBO series and some feature films. Everything was going perfect except that Casey is unhappy with it.So he spent all the money he made through HBO series to shut down his production company and started making short films exclusively for Youtube audience.

Apart from his great movie making techniques and unique storytelling style. What attracts me towards Casey more than Youtuber is

Fatherhood: During Q&A someone asked Casey “What do you think you are born for?” his instant answer is “I born for being a father”. In world where most of us would say “I born for making world peace/happy’. He strongly feels that becoming father is the best thing happened in his life. As a high school dropout becoming father taught him to take responsibility for his son and set an example for him.Most of the time he says his son is his hero and he is one Casey look up to.

Health > Wealth: When I say healthy life, most of you may think we should take vegan food, avoid McDonalds and KFC. No. Casey eats all the junk foods like us but every morning he spent at least 2 hours for jogging and exercise. Most of us find reasons to avoid doing exercise, but Casey Neistat being a father of a teenager and a year-old kid along with this he runs technology startup(BEME) and Vlogging, still he finds time for daily exercise.

Do More: Whether it’s making a short movie or running a company or helping his friends he always tries to give more than 100%. Even though people viral video makers, all he cares is whether he has given his best or not. When most Youtubers create a separate channel for Vlogging, Casey adds all his daily Vlogs to his main channel because as creator he feels everything movie is same. Some time is his vlogs looks more of an adventure movie or high-quality commercial video.

If you have enjoyed this one, instead of hitting recommendation button please check Casey’s youtube channel.