Ambition and frustration

Every time we ponder why our dreams seem to slip further and further away from reality, most of us, invariably, arrive at a conclusion that we have become too lazy to put in the hard yards.

I met Mr. Jay Pullur, founder and CEO of Pramati Technologies, in 2008. He gave away a near two decade career in one of the biggest companies in the country and started his own company. In our interaction, he revealed that he went bankrupt six times in 10 years after starting the company. Curious enough, I asked him why did he leave such a lucrative position and knowingly put himself through the arduous task of starting his own firm.

He said, “To leave a comfortable career, one needs a burning motivation to achieve their ambition”. He further added, “One should also have enough frustration in the current lifestyle to add fire to that motivation, which might not be burning so bright due to a content life”. When this interaction happened, I was trying to establish a career. Hence, I was able to relate to ambition as a factor and had no clue what frustration had to do with anything.

Few years down the line, I started earning enough and not surprisingly I was content with life. A car, a house and good health kept me happy. I was doing enough to complete my chores but I could realize that I was not pushing myself either in work, dance or at gym. The more comfortable I got, the more I seemed to slip into a limbo. I realized that the fire in me was dying and I could not seem to do anything to stop the rut. Today I arrive at Irvine to start school and when I look back I completely understand Mr. Pullur’s wise comprehension of what enabled him, to step out of his comfortable life style to pursue his dreams.

I faced a lot of frustration since the beginning of 2012. It was frustrating to be mediocre, at least according to the standards I had set for myself. I would never have imagined moving out of Hyderabad, the place I started calling my home, if I did not have serious frustrations I had to face in this city. I could see these frustrations add up and it was snow balling by the time I picked up the GRE book to do some math.

I completely understand that I have a long and arduous journey ahead. But I am glad that I have found that fire in me again to push myself to get better. I am glad I have turned over a leaf, which an year back seemed to have been glued to the cover.

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