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What is Block Store ? — Concept of cloud hosted data persistence (such as physical hard drive, form of network-attached-storage[NAS]).

  1. Storage in such is organized as blocks (physical record, is sequence of bytes,bits).
  2. This Behavior are seen in Traditional disk or tape storage.(Blocks are identified by which they may be stored and retrieved).

Example : Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) — Which offers replication of reliability or backup services.

Amazon EBS : — provides block level storage volumes as a service that works in conjunction with EC2…

Before diving in to Aerospike, we should know about what is RDBMS vs NoSql.

RDBMS (Relational Database) — Structured Schema dealing with Relational databases , which is effectively used in insert,search,update and delete database records.

  1. RDBMS is right option for ACID problems.
  2. Support Dynamic Queries.(Great choice for complex queries).
  3. Predefined schema to determine the structure of data.
  4. SQL Databases are Vertically scalable.(Example : MySQL,PostgreSQL,Oracle…)

No SQL (Non SQL/Relational) — Database that provides a mechanism for storage and retrieval of data, which includes simplicity of design , simpler horizontal scaling to clusters of machines and control over availability (in favor of…

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most “popular cloud infrastructure service provider” (like other Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform,Digital Ocean,Heroku). The AWS EC2 Cloud server is absolutely unique and helped many resources in intensive business websites scale seamlessly across the globe.

What is AWS ? — is comprehensive cloud computing platform that allows entrepreneurs to power their business infrastructure and become more agile.It is an off-shoot of Amazon’s Internal Infrastructure, launched in 2006 to enhance their management of online retail business.

What is AWS EC2 and Its features ? —

  1. Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2 is a virtual…

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As you might have read about How Linux Boots it uses runlevels to determine what to do.Lets study runlevels and rc scripts in detail.


Runlevels are the state to which computer intends to go or it intends to reach.

There are total 7 runlevels.

  1. Runlevel 0: Halt or Shutdown
  2. Runlevel 1: Single-user mode
  3. Runlevel 2: Basic Multi-user mode but without networking
  4. Runlevel 3: Full text-based Multi-user mode (includes networking)
  5. Runlevel 4: X11 with session managers (Generally not used by most of the operating systems and is customizable)
  6. Runlevel 5: Full GUI based Multi-user mode
  7. Runlevel 6: Reboot

These are basic…

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First step towards the most popular application development framework for enterprise Java applications. When Spring came out it was “simpler,light-weight alternative to J2EE, to make J2EE development easier”.

Now hold on! what enterprise java refers too? — Its computer software that satisfy the needs of an organization rather than single/individual user. (Examples are Accounting System, ERP , CMS, CRM , Billing…so on).

So, Now what is the Benefit of Using Spring?

  1. Uses POJO (Plain Old Java Object) Makes it simpler 🔥 to build enterprise class applications as compared to the heavy weight EJB.
  2. POJO is java object without any restrictions

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About Terraform : With Terminal a few bytes of code and no SSH logins we can spin up in minute , a production ready cluster and a capable of heavy work loads and here it comes “Terraform” — an extremely powerful tool written in “Go” that helps us “writing ,planing and creating stateful reproducible infrastructure as code”.

Terraform by HashiCorp an orchestration tool for “building,changing and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently” that allows to represent instances and other resources with declarative code inside configuration files.(instead of manually creating those resources).

  1. Write configuration files (.tf) in which we declare the elements…

In Tradition IT World, there are limited number of servers to handle the application load.when the number of requests increases load on the server also increases, which cause failures and latency in system.

Amazon web service provide Amazon EC2 auto scaling services to overcome this failure.Auto Scaling ensures that Amazon EC2 instances are sufficient to run our application.

What is Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling ? — helps you to ensure that we have the correct number of ec2 instances available to handle the load of you application.

  1. Collection of EC2 instances called Auto Scaling Groups.
  2. Specify the minimum number of…

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Storage Devices that available

  1. Simple Storage Service (S3):
  2. Glacier
  3. Elastic Block Store
  4. Elastic File System
  5. Storage Gateway
  6. Snowball.

Simple Storage Service : ?

  1. Designed to store and access any kind of data over internet.
  2. Server-less Service
  3. Yes! Obviously file server ,an operating system, a hard disk but we don’t need to be concerned about that at all. We just simply need to create this thing called a bucket and then we upload objects to that bucket.
  4. Bucket grows as we add objects to it and the size of bucket is theoretically unlimited.

Glacier :?

  1. Mainly used for long term archiving…

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Before Diving into Frequency rule type , let see some configuration common to rule types.

ElastAlert has global configuration file “config.yaml” which defines several aspects of its operation.


  1. es_host : host name of elasticsearch cluster. elastalert records metadata about it searches in es_host (which seen in previous elastalert index stores state). when ever elastalert startingit will query about the time that it was last run”, this way even elastalert is stopped and restarted we will never miss data.Can be Overridden to each rule by ES_HOST.
  2. es_port : port corresponding to es_host. …

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What is IAM? — Allows to manage users and their level of access to AWS Control.(nothing but centralized manage users for single organization).

IAM stands for Identity Access Management.

  1. IAM is web service that enables AWS Customers to manage users and user permission in AWS.
  2. IAM set user permissions,roles and allows you to grant access to different parts of AWS platform.
  3. Let say without IAM what will happen? then organization should have to create multiple user accounts and it has each own billing and subscription to AWS Products.
  4. Without IAM cannot control about the tasks that user can do.
  5. As…

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