Penguin Plunge 2016

Would you go into the Frigid Pacific Ocean water on a day when the temperature is around 55 deg F ? I wouldn’t but I saw 100s of people run into the water on New Year’s Day in Del Mar? are people crazy? What is it all about? It started with we deciding to get some brunch in a beautifully located Poseidon Restaurant in Del Mar. It was New Years day, Friday Morning. The view is amazing and after food we could spend some time in the beach. But we got something more than what we bargained for. After we got seated outside in the Patio, I saw a huge buzz in the beach side next to the patio. There were hundreds of people standing there enjoying the ocean view. It looked like a carnival with people dressed in costumes. People with red dress — check, People with funny hats — check, Families snapping selfies — check. I have never seen such a crowd in that not so famous part of Del Mar beaches. I asked the waiter who served us, what is this about. She said, it was the annual penguin something. When you have the power of internet in your hands, you don’t need to bother, I searched Penguin Del Mar, and tada. there it was. Penguin Plunge. It is annual tradition in Del Mar organized by Lifeguards and volunteers where people dress up and enter the frigid water on New Year’s Day at 11 AM. It follows the same tradition is various parts of the country. With 15 minute , 10 minute and 5 minute warnings, it all boiled down to the final 10 countdown. 10,9…1 and then hundreds of people, ran into the water… Our little guy didn’t understand what was going on, but he was smiling. It was a amazing sight with hundreds of people, of different race, age, sex doing something silly but together and above all having fun… The donuts, hot chocolate and wait for it, certificate of participation (yes you get one) was waiting for all those who returned from the water. And the tons of smiles, hugs with families and photos of-course. Kids were exalted of what they had done, but even better the adults were jumping like kids. That moment I realized, midst all this craziness, it just brings out the uninhibited kid in you… sometimes this is all you want on the first day of a new year. The #PenguinPlunge2016 is not crazy after all, it is beautiful way to start a year even you are like me just watching it :)

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