The New Year is here and it is that time of the year when I do my personal Year-On-Year Analysis. Confused? Yes! Like all Businesses do YOY analysis at the end of the financial year, I do a personal assessment of myself every year.

Let me give you an idea on how I do my analysis so that (may be) you can give it a try.

Year after year, if you are not better in the following, you are probably in the wrong direction with your growth goals:

  • Personal
  • Financial
  • Professional


Take about thirty minutes to see how you are…

European startup ecosystem has always fascinated me — A market larger than the US, amazing innovators, yet very few companies at the forefront of the recent technological revolutions. Trying to unravel this mystery, I could co-relate this to the cultural psychology barriers of companies in Europe, compared to US or Asia.

Few months ago, I launched an initiative to identify startups/scale-ups from Belgium that have the drive to push beyond those barriers, with an international outlook. In this pursuit, I met many young companies and their founders, and one that caught my attention is e-motionlabs (earlier known as Click&Bike), with…

We have certainly come across explosive growth stories in the recent years, mostly from startups, seldom from large corporates.

  • LinkedIn’s user base grew from about 2 million to over 200 million when they let users create a public profile.
  • Airbnb hacked its way to having a large user growth by targeting craigslist house rental listings.
  • Dropbox had a viral growth with their Refer a Friend program, which gave both users free storage space.

To stay ahead of the competition and have swift growth, startups use Growth Hacking techniques. This is key for their survival in a competitive space.

Can traditional…

In 2005, Thomas L. Friedman released a book titled ‘The World is Flat’, where he analyses Globalization and Offshoring. This was the time when companies flocked to India and other Low Cost Countries to set up their own Captive offshore centres or partner with Indian offshore companies.

As years passed by, companies around the world had equal share of good and bad experiences. Especially, companies that set up captive centres in India realized that rather than bringing cost savings, these centres added more to their overheads. …

When I was a child, I was told that the world you see is not real. I grew up to confirm that the world I see is indeed real. But, I grew up further to understand that the world I see can be augmented. Yes! I can design the way I would want to see the objects around.

Heard about Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality? Those are hot topics now and all big companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Google, etc., are investing huge amounts of money in to it. …

Prabin Joel

Aerospace Engineer, Thinker, Pianist, Writer, Photographer, Entrepreneur, CEO @Mayten, COO @E-motionlabs

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