Why you should tip the delivery guy
Antje Pfahl

Tipping is in no way a perfect solution. What I don’t like in tipping is the unresolved expectation from both parties. I’ve been at the receiving end of quiet a few instances where tips were extorted. BSNL lineman won’t fix my connection unless I tip a generous amount. The movers I hired won’t unpack my stuff without a generous tip. An unsatisfactory tip & the BESCOM electrician says “You’ll see how we fix your next complaint”. Tipping as a reward for good service soon becomes a standard expectation which sometimes lower standard of service below normal when that expectation is not met.

I’m not against paying the delivery guy his due for the service he has provided. I simply don’t like the unresolved dynamic expectation that hangs over our head when he hand over the item I ordered. I pay a very specific amount as delivery charge for some services. If they add an explicit amount like another Rs. 15/- to be paid to the delivery guy, I’m fine with it. Just don’t bring it to a situation where that amount is bargained at my doorstep and is decided by factors like whether I’m a local, an introvert or if I know whether the standard tip amount they are asking is too much or not.

No ambiguity, ask upfront before the transaction & I’ll either pay happily or not use the service.

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