For Granted

Have you ever felt that you don’t belong here? Has everyone around you ever tried to pull you back? Have they ever, though unknowingly, pushed your spirit to the ground and danced upon it? Have you ever felt misunderstood to all known humans you talk to? Have you ever felt the need to talk to someone who would only listen to you without just saying anything? Have you ever felt so tired of carrying an indescribable burden that every other day becomes difficult to live by?

Of course, you have. Is everything alright now? How did everything which was so wrong became so right? Did you notice the change? Do you remember the long process of living one day at a time until life became so enjoyable that you started doubting the mere idea of sadness? You don’t think you’d ever be sad again, do you?

You will. The day when you start taking your happiness for granted, you’d be dragged to a place not present in your dictionary of experiences and so devoid of compassion that you’d would ironically start doubting the mere idea of happiness.

So, don’t. Don’t take your happiness for granted.

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