Lose a Little Time

I found this cat sleeping on a bench which in normal case would be occupied by a tired human. The unusual thing wasn’t her sleeping in a public place, it was her not budging on human nudging. All she would do was slowly open her eyes, acknowledge the visitor and go back to slumber.

It’s been six months seeing that cat. I realize that I’ve been doing the exact opposite of that for as long as I can remember. I have been running, though aimlessly. I have rarely stopped and pondered upon the reason. While running I’ve often wasted time but never lost it. I wonder if I could do that — lose a little time.

I want to do that on a random day. I will not plan that day. Most of my days are planned. One day, I will wake up and will not do anything as planned. I will not listen to anybody or do what I’m supposed to do.

I will forget, if only for a day, all my responsibilities. I will forget that I have to matter — if only for a moment.

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