OSGi Microservice using wso2 msf4j

Following is a sample OSGi component.

@Component(name = “coffeeShopService”,
 immediate = true)
public class CoffeeShopService {
 protected void activate(BundleContext bundleContext) {
 protected void deactivate() {

You can define your java class as an OSGi component by adding @Component on top of the class. And, you have to implement @Activate and @Deactivate methods, which will get triggered at the begging and end of available time period of the OSGi service.

To make your OSGi component a microservice, you can implement org.wso2.msf4j.Microservice, and define your reference path and services.

@Component(name = “coffeeShopService”, service = {Microservice.class},
 immediate = true)
public class CoffeeShopService implements Microservice {
 public void makeOrder() {
 log.info(“Make an order”);

Finally, you have to define your OSGi microservice in your maven pom.xml file.


You can find a sample code from here.
 ( https://github.com/prabushi/carbon-uuf/tree/session-from-client/samples/microservices/org.wso2.carbon.uuf.sample.hello )

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