Making the most of solitude

Sharing something that I have experienced and benefited tremendously from. In fact, books can be written about this topic, though I’ll only focus on the surreal, subtle and not-so-subtle benefits of solitude.

First and foremost, let’s clarify one common misconception — solitude isn’t loneliness.

Spending time alone in introspection, contemplation, preparation and sometimes doing nothing is quite an important ingredient to lead a fuller life. Greatest men & women of our times do that often, from Bill Gates to Saina Nehwal spend quality time to review, re-energise and re-prioritize.

Studies have indicated, if solitude observed in the right way, does wonders. Sharing some self experienced benefits below -

  • It provides the mind a much needed break from distractions, helps recoup from the constant demands of modern world and prepare for idea germination.
  • Tremendously help us get in touch with realities and vulnerabilities.
  • Bring back focus to what’s important in life thus a great tool to help us prioritize.
  • Develop deep connect with inner self, helps dealing with our emotional stuff that have been brushed under the carpet, as a result we end up with better EQ.
  • Provides clarity of thought that may lead to path breaking and life changing decisions.

I’ll emphasize once again, unlike what’s been made believe — Solitude is precious ! Spending time alone makes us face the real issues, it helps distance core from chaff.

I recommend you to take that ‘me time’ out at the first possible opportunity. You won’t regret it. I promise.

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