It is every day that encounters happen. It does not necessarily require exchange of words. Encounters happen in the look in a stranger’s eyes that have a story to tell, the tiny little feet of an infant peeking through its pram that reminds us of the pure feeling of love, the wrinkles on an aged person’s hands that hold a bag filled with what they have made of themselves in this life. An act of kindness in holding the lift door open for a stranger, giving way to someone else on the road for no particular reason that earns us a nod of gratitude and simply by thanking the guy who drives you to and fro on the local train; these are the encounters that silently make way into your heart. It fills it with sunshine like brightness that slowly seeps in positivity. Often times we forget to steal tiny little moments like these that make us grow even in silence. 
A lot can be told by just looking at a person’s appearance; the clothes he wears, the scar on her arm, the rip in her bag, the tattoo he sports, the pearls on her neck or the food he eats. What we fail to see is the emotion in their eyes and the expression on their face. 
Everyone has a story to tell. Just pay a little attention and you will be amazed to notice that no two stories are ever the same.