As I wander in the wilderness
Across the woods and through a stream..
As I look for the sunbeam..
I want to cry..

The darkness is engulfing, the wind so balmy..
There is a stoic silence, and my eyes gleam..
In the depths of winter..
I want to cry..

Through the paths of glory..
A story your life speaks..
But I want to hear you..
I want to cry..

You left a life alone..
An unfinished script..
you took with you a rush of feelings.. an aura of colors..
a sheath of warmth..a comforting smile..a heart of gold…
I want to cry..

The drop of tear stays still..
Frozen in time..yet it breathes cuz of your will..
It engulfs my soul and wraps itself with your presence..
I don’t want to cry..
For, the tear is embedded deep within my self..
A thriving chronicle it has to be..
For it carries your spirit.. 
And I carry it with me.. forever..

As I wait by the shore..gazing at the horizon in my boat..
I see you my old man.. gathering the finest wood, to make my oar..

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