Ameri ❤


Every story has a beginning, a plot and a climax. You visualise the beginning, frame the plot and hope that the climax is as dramatic as you thought it would be. Ameri, is our child, and it will also have a story. We are in the visualising stage though, giving it all the right vaccinations and protecting it from cuts and bruises. Also, we are helping it learn how to stand.

Ameri was named after the Amer Fort in Rajasthan which is our Director’s (Prachi Agarwal) native place. The designs of the brand have major reflections of the popular crafts of the state, and the brands USP involves intricate hand embroideries and colour play on exclusive and pure fabrics. Tie and dye, mukeish, badla, phulkari, multi-head embroideries and many more styles are all done with extreme intricacy, apart from the experiments and the varieties we try in our workshop.

We want to move in a direction which helps Ameri understand the tastes and preferences of the audience globally. We have recently launched our Western Wear Collection via Flipkart and we are trying to engage more audiences through social networking sites. Our new collection is inspired by the women of our country who are bold, strong and individualistic and comprises of Leather Jackets, Shrugs, Dresses and Trendy Tops. We have played with colours, fabrics, prints and patterns in our experimental collection. Visit the following link to check out our collection here:

We want our range to be statement clothing, reflecting quality and class. We currently exhibit in and around Delhi and we plan on reaching out to much larger audiences through online portals and showrooms in the longer run. We want Ameri products to provide an experience to the consumer, an assurance of quality, the confidence of being in trend and a sense of elevation. Our western wear collection caters to teenage girls and younger women in their 20’s. Our ethnic wear collection caters to women in their early 20’s to ladies in their 60’s, priced between 6,000 INR to 25,000 INR.

The next steps we aspire to take include branching out into quality casual ethnic wear where we experiment with patterns and fabrics and minimal embroideries. We hope to meet you somewhere in our journey!