Enjoy the chaos, the entropy of life

Watching five clocks on the wall(Bengaluru, Hong Kong, London, New York, Tokyo ) with five different timings of the day. Every point on earth has its own sunrise and sunset time, though the cause of time, the sun and earth are the same, It’s just their situation that causes the change. Material things, Sun, moon and earth are the same, It’s their placements , situations and circumstances that matter. This analogy can be used to understand life. Every human body is made up of the same biological substances, same processes are required to run the body but what makes a difference is the arrangement, the situation and surroundings that make every human different from other. We have become what we are now is the result of the processes and the surroundings that we have experienced in life and the way we perceived them. We all are born as the same combination of molecules and substances which are required to originate life, obviously with some initial state and characteristics from our parents and family but what matters the most in making of us is the time that we have spent , where and how we have spent, with whom and how we perceive the situations. Each and every day in life adds to the building of our thoughts , our mind and our body. We have our own perspective of what we see, read and understand and no perspective is right or wrong, It’s one’s own. It’s better if we have the capability to listen and try to understand other perspectives.

The entropy, the chaos we come across in life everyday counts up in our thoughts and makes us different. We all have different opinions about entropy and chaos. I believe it is every single moment of the day which adds up to the randomness in life. Even though, I am doing the same job everyday, the same timings, schedule, I come across different situations every moment and that is randomness. You don’t have to take a roller coaster ride everyday for adrenalin rush, We can have the rush even by small things such as helping someone, appreciate someone ,see someone smiling because of you, spend time with ourselves, reading a book, meeting an old friend, having chai and pakoda in an awesome rainy day, and many more things that I think can make us happier everyday. These small things maybe different for everyone. If we find these in the daily life’s randomness, We enjoy life. If we don’t find these, we think it’s monotonous. There are these moments hidden in our everyday life, It’s just that we enjoy the day if we find those and get bored if we don’t.

I have just started working and I am not experienced to comment on how is the work life but in this phase of starting the corporate work life, I want to start with a positive attitude. I think we can enjoy life in whatever we do, if we want, it can be a 9 to 5 job . Take up more challenges, more risks, work in a different way which you didn’t ever thought you could, lead a team and end up being a totally different person , better of course and with experience.

I will conclude with that whatever happens around us leads to a change in us and vice versa too, which means we can do and change and make our life what we want by taking actions and not blaming anyone or any situation in past.
So, get up , do stuff what you want , build yourself, and enjoy life and finally, surprise yourself with leading a better, happier life.