A template for introductions

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A template to carry out a warm introduction for a small to medium multidisciplinary team.

Key ingredients- A warm setting, an enthusiastic facilitator, interested participants and ice-breakers.

  1. People don’t need a reason to get out of the office. Outdoor activities like a picnic in the park, a cafe/restaurant(that caters to all dietary requirements), a gardening day at the community garden, an ice cream bar or a place with a quirky history.. Try to avoid bars, snooker rooms or bowling alleys are not stimulation you need.

2. The place should not be loud so people can hear each other clearly or dead quiet where people can hear each other’s stomach’s growle. Soft music or natural sounds in the background. Look for places with cushions, wood, bright colours, warmer tones.

3. It works to have a view, so you’re not looking at each others faces awkwardly when you have nothing to say. Sit in a circle so everyone can see each other and place a candle, a light or another interesting object (that you introduce to everyone).

4. Plan some ice breakers to begin with, like-

  • If you were an animal, who would you be and why?
  • Two truths and a lie- Share 2 truths and a lie with the others guess which one is the truth and which one’s a lie
  • If you were given a spare hour everyday, how would you spend it?

5. Dampen the dry questions by asking not just what you do, but also why do you do it and how you got to doing what you’re doing? Also, ‘What would you do for free?’ gives a deeper insight into the person. It’s also important to cover what everyone’s was expectations from this introduction is and why they think an introduction is important. Encourage the obvious but also wring out the not so obvious and more personal responses.

Something to consider: Some attendees may be new to the city or even country, so it’s nice to share some facts about the city you’re meeting in and you could plan this session based on some places worth visiting.

And the obvious: Ensure the attendees know where they’re meeting (with menu), when it starts, when it ends, how many people are attending and who, if there’s a dress code, if they should bring anything (weather or activity related), who’s paying and what they can expect. Take photos and notes to capture the session

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