• Jenny Bettany

    Jenny Bettany

    Psychologist specialising in sleep, energy and wellbeing. Find me at jennybettany.com and sleepstudioleamington.com

  • Nazneen Rahman

    Nazneen Rahman

    Singer-Songwriter, Poet, Scientist, Doctor. Top writer in Music. Inspired by many.

  • Ben Quartermaine

    Ben Quartermaine

    If HTML is the bricks of your house, CSS is the paint, the carpet and the artwork. JavaScript is the plumbing, electricity and the running water.

  • Isi Bell

    Isi Bell

    Trying to put on paper what my soul offers. (GERMAN) HABITS/EGO/LIFE/SPIRITUALITY/LOVE/SELF

  • Donna L Roberts, PhD (Psych Pstuff)

    Donna L Roberts, PhD (Psych Pstuff)

    Writer and university professor researching media psych, generational studies, human and animal rights, and the intersection of art and psychology

  • Charlotte VanDerLouis

    Charlotte VanDerLouis

    I want to reach your heart & soul by writing stories that resonate & inspire you. I am at charlottevanderlouis@gmail.com I also hang out at writethestuff.com

  • Ak#


    Digital Experience Researcher & Designer. Churning information into knowledge. More > www.akashchandan.com

  • Efi Asvesti

    Efi Asvesti

    I love writers, writers are good people. They speak in your mind with your voice. I will be writing every week until I become a voice in your beautiful head.

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