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Collaboration has become that word that’s being thrown around carelessly like paper cups. This is especially apparent in open offices that have taken down desk dividers and engulfed office partitions to embrace the hot and swanky stand-up desks and whiteboards on wheels.

Just like hot-desking is not synonymous with collaboration, nor is teamwork. In teamwork, individuals usually operate in silos towards a shared goal and the leadership is fixed. In collaboration, individuals are participating as autonomous entities where leadership is context-dependent and leaders arise when the situation demands.

In this article, I’ve gathered some of my reflections and learnings on collaboration during my demi-decade experience of working in culturally diverse countries like Australia, Netherlands and India. …

Team’s emotion map (iteration 1)- Placed in the kitchen area


  • Offer a moment to reflect and anonymously share how one is feeling and how others are feeling.
  • Make visible how everyone in the room is feeling for that “me too”
  • Explore and understand engagement, overtime through iterations.
  • Increase team-productivity by understanding collective emotions.


There were 56 entries made in total. It’s nice to know that happy was the most popular, followed by the also familiar feelings of being tired and then frustrated.

Popular emotions this week (iteration 1)

Happy- 7 entries

Tired- 6 entries

Frustrated- 5 entries

Good- 4…

That square shaped pixellated puzzle holds within it an ginormous amount of information when compared to its better-known ancestor-the barcode.

QR codes store information in two directions- horizontally and vertically and can store up to 1,520 alpha-numeric characters like email addresses, names, websites, geolocations and text. On the other hand, a barcode stores information horizontally and can stores identification numbers with up to 25 characters.

QR codes are available in various colours and are customisable with logos and shapes being added within them. …

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A template to carry out a warm introduction for a small to medium multidisciplinary team.

Key ingredients- A warm setting, an enthusiastic facilitator, interested participants and ice-breakers.

  1. People don’t need a reason to get out of the office. Outdoor activities like a picnic in the park, a cafe/restaurant(that caters to all dietary requirements), a gardening day at the community garden, an ice cream bar or a place with a quirky history.. Try to avoid bars, snooker rooms or bowling alleys are not stimulation you need.

2. The place should not be loud so people can hear each other clearly or dead quiet where people can hear each other’s stomach’s growle. Soft music or natural sounds in the background. …


Prachi Lai

Plai design in a transdisciplinary practise specialising facilitating emotion-rich experiences and envisioning utopian futures, ethically and collaboratively.

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