Android Developer Vs JEE Developer: Which Career To Opt For ?

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Android Developer Vs JEE Developer: Which Career To Opt For ?

We will try to answer this question, as it is a difficult choice to make. Both are said to be hot and happening careers. If at all, you decide on a career in Java, then it is better to undergo a Java developer course in Pune. Best Java training institutes in Pune, is what you can look for a course in this programming language.

Coming back to our topic, want to know the best part?

Both offer good careers to start with. So, it is a win win situation for you.

Let’s see some things about both Android and Java that would assist to weigh both the domains as far as making a decision is concerned.


Android is an open source mobile operating system based on Linux that isn’t difficult to break into. Android development is not very fundamentally not the same as developing in Java in a general domain.

Android application development is simple. You should simply download the Android SDK or software development kit on the web (free of cost) and begin. You can even make a diversion out of application development; its simplicity of utilization (you can produce for Android on a Windows, Mac, or Linux-empowered framework), capacity to alter, high memory and execution, rich development environment, capacity to bolster media documents in different configurations, among other favorable elements, makes it a simple language to grasp.

Essentially, you can begin with Android Development once you know J2EE. So, that’s the key.

Java programming language:

Java is a core and a mature language that genuinely is all inclusive in nature. Java is an Object Oriented language with a rich API. It inside grasps best practices of OOP design and emphatically urges you to compose a cleaner code.

Moreover, you should know Java well regardless of the possibility that you need to get into Android application development, as Java serves as the primary application development stage for Android. We could even call Android as a subset of Java.

Also, for your benefit, there are many Java courses in Pune, that can provide you intensive training in this domain. So, take full advantage of that.

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There is undoubtedly Android market’s high demand today, yet, who knows about tomorrow? Today we have Android in our phones, tomorrow we will have something else. So the core of the matter is that consistently life span of Android is shorter than it is of Java. That is what experts claim.

Another critical indicate with deference profession is that transition from Java → Android is much more simpler and easier in contrast with other path around.

No matter what child (Android) does, however, father (Java) will remain father until the end of time.

On the other hand, one can’t really compare Java and Android. Java is utilized for some things including server side applications. Android is a mobile technology. Which needs to converse with a server something utilizing a non-Android language.

Likewise, you can’t have a career in one language. Things change too much of the time. I think you mean would Android be helpful for your career as opposed to as a profession.

With anything, it is an or more on the off chance that you have some commonality with a language that you need to work with. In the event that, I need to pick between somebody who built up a toy Android application, somebody who has perused a book or somebody who just showed up, which one do you think I would pick?

Thus, to conclude, Coding is truly fun just on the off chance that you are intrigued. Whether it can be JEE or Android development. Both has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Final call is yours and you need to make a choice amongst the two. Think wisely! Is all that we can say.

If your choice is a career in Java, then doing a Java certification course in Pune, is highly advisable.

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