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Whether you are a big company or a trending brand, you need a solid landing page so that your customers can find your work and learn all about it. A landing page is a page that is the opening page of any website which is why it should be designed strategically to give a good idea of the business.

I was trying to get an idea on landing pages since I’m building one for myself, I found a few that were worth sharing. If you want to visit their official websites to see for yourself, just click on the names and it will take you there.

Here are some of my favorite landing pages:

This app development company is based in India and USA and has the most interesting landing page. As you scroll down you’ll find all the important information showcased in a very creative way. They have used their landing page to introduce themselves very well and so when they actually meet the clients, they won’t need to waste time on polishing their trophies. This will also allow the clients to know what to expect and what to ask for. Appinventiv has one of the most engaging pages I’ve found on the net.

As interesting as the concept of Breather is, their landing page is a true reflection of who they are. Simple, real and attractive are the words I’ll use to describe their landing page. The business is about providing office space as per your need and they have used all real images to show the quality of service they offer. You can book an office space on location and time basis.

This is a club that allows the spirit fans to enjoy the drinks on the basis of clubs. The landing page is quite simple but has every information you’ll need to join in. Upon visiting the website you’ll feel the old world charm and you can already feel the aroma of old wood and sweet drinks. They have done a great job of putting their visitors in a mood to join the club.

Now, this is a very clever way of putting things right. Muzzle is basically an app that allows you to hide or avoid embarrassing notifications while screen sharing. They have put the actual problem into visuals by presenting some hilarious and at the same time embarrassing notifications on the side of their page. Keep reading them and you’ll ROFL imagining if that happened to you someday.

Instead of a traditional landing page, Landbot has used a chatbot for you to chat with. This chat will reveal all the information you need to know about their business. Having tried myself, it’s quite amusing to learn from a bot. The idea of replacing a landing page with a bot is unique and at the same time a fun for visitors.

Another innovative way to present your landing page is via cartoons. Teambit is a feedback platform that allows teams to give feedback easily. The way they convey the message through cartoons is very attractive and anyone viewing their page would describe them as “adorable”. This pretty visual presentation makes it difficult to leave without giving their platform a try.

We all know about Airbnb and how it has taken over the world by now. Airbnb runs online and their landing page is quite impressive. They have user-friendly pages with clear instructions. The theme they have used gives a comfortable vibe which is what you would expect from any home rentals.

The best landing page is the one that gives the clear message about the business. Edupath’s landing page has described their mission in the first few lines. Basically, Edupath is an app that preps you not only for the tests like SAT but also helps you through the process of choosing a college and applying there. With everything from location to special prep sessions for your tests, Edupath has it all right on the first page.

Utility is an app development company that has partnered with some great businesses like Airbnb, TOOR (seen on Shark Tank) and Samsung. When you have joined hands with such big names it automatically proves your worth and Utility has used it wisely by showcasing this on top of their page. The order in which they have placed the different segments of the page makes it a step by step process to know Utility better.

As the name suggests Codecademy is a platform for newbies who want to learn to code. Explaining the platform in one line and then allowing the user’s reviews made it convenient for me to understand everything. The designs are modern with a hint of symmetry to add to the coding vibe. The landing page definitely shows the combined efforts of great coders.

Khan Academy is a platform where you can learn anything from maths, science to economics and finance for free. Yes! The landing page has been designed for the convenience of users by showing all the courses and lessons they offer. There is also an option to choose whether you are a teacher, a parent or a student. One look at the page and you will understand how this website works which is highly user-friendly.

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