2 reasons Millennials are so obsessed with Tech Startup Job

Do you call yourself a millennial ??

I have heard a lot about this generation of people ( kid ), yeah they were once a kid, born along with the internet and the world-changing innovation like Google or Apple. They have their example to look up to and that’s the life they want to pursue. I would not say they are all the same, but most of them are really obsessed in working for a tech companies that create innovations. Here is why I think they are doing so…

  1. “ I want to create an impact ”

Be part of something big
Be the one that changing the world 
and be the legend. 
And they don’t mind if they have to work in a small garage or a shitty under-the-roof room but if they believe that they are doing something impactful, they will work heart and sweat.

Tech Job seem to fit them the most when thinking of innovating a changing products nowadays. The fact that they can code ( if they are developer) out of scratch and build a system brand new.

Jobs and his teammate signatures, all embedded on every Apple computer

Not all of them need to be exposed to the media- a small applaud or something secretly legend would do. Like this one, few people knows that back then, Jobs had everyone in his team signed their name on a paper- without knowing that he would craft that onto the back of every Apple computer.

*note : it’s not that easy to innovate something over a night or even a year. That’s the reason why millennials quits their jobs in search of themselves. and because.. here comes the 2nd reason…

2. “ I will do only what I love”

And there is nothing wrong about it. And we are taught to do so. Personally, I found that it’s very difficult or almost impossible to work for what you don’t believe in. I used to work as a consultant for a company with a product that I don’t buy and it’s the hard time doing so.

Passion is the key

People are talking easy about ‘passion’, like you can find it around the corner. I have seen lots of my friends are happy with what they are doing, but they can’t say why they are doing that.

Startup job is a turning point to many people. As you know it’s more open at the workplace and more important it allows you to discover yourself, to learn the new skills and to master in what you passion about.

I first decided to jump in the startup world because I want to master a skill set that I was lack of by that time as well. This industry has taught me more than the hard skill that I need, but also soft skill that you will find important when you get older.

— — — — — — — — — — —

Startup Jobs… Tech Jobs… 
There is nothing more than a place where not only you can work to earn money, but a place where you can mentally grow and really pursue your dream. You can express yourself more than other places and that your ideas always matters.

At the end, according to Maslow, we all want to achieve the peace of mind. We might have a different journey to pursue that dream, but it’s all possible.

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