An open letter to every startup founder

Dear Startup Founder,

If the foundation of a building is not rock-solid, it may come crashing down at any moment. That foundation for a business is “value for the customer”.

I’m telling you something that you know already, yet I have seen how easily people forget about it and keep it at the back-seat. I can assure you that there is always a scope to do better. Coming straight to the point.

If you’re a business owner and not obsessive about creating “value for the customer”, you are wasting your time.

You need to ask this question daily for every action, every decision: 
Does this add fucking value to my customer?
No excuses! You can forget about everything else. Just fucking focus on creating “value for the customer”, everything else is secondary.

How obsessive you can be about creating “value for the customer”? Promise me, this is the only competitive advantage you’re going to have.

For the next big decision for your business, think harder from this perspective.

I wish you all the success, conviction and satisfaction in your business and life.

Thank you,
Pradeep Sharma