My experiments with “one good habit each year”

How did I succeed or fail in building great habits

I have started having a theme for each year. Theme is around building or improving one great habit each year. That one habit which requires a tonne of courage, efforts & motivation.

Building such habit is tough! To overcome this, I started with this hypothesis:

To form a great habit successfully, make a drastic change at the start.

And it is contrarian to popular belief of making changes slowly, starting small. I‘m applying this hack to my life and will be sharing the results of this experiment whether it succeeds or fails.

Here it goes

Year 2017: Eliminating distractions and being more productive

Throwing away the smartphone

As the drastic change and first step towards the goal, I ditched my smartphone completely and publicly announced it. For someone who has built 8+ android apps and being one who can live without food but not internet, ditching smartphones may sound brutal. Yet, I did it. Checkout my tweet

Announcing publicly

I lived without smartphone for about 4 months. At last I was pushed hard enough to buy one because there was no alternative for using whatsapp and booking cabs without smartphone. Did I fail then?

No. Ditching smartphone was the first step, I succeeded beyond what I expected. Those 4 months changed things completely. I loved spending huge time with my new habit of not getting distracted(smartphone is one major reason of distraction). Those 4 months internalized the process of letting go of distraction. It pushed me

  • To let go of urges
  • To focus
  • To get organized
  • To be conscious of little choices that I make every moment

It became a second nature after some time. I took measures to be more productive in work and actually followed them quite smoothly.

The same me after an year, 157% more productive. Even with smartphone.

Year 2018: Being more transparent and open

This year I’m planning to be more transparent. Being upfront with people.

Did you know that I started a venture and failed it miserably? I had shut down PepUp after an year of bootstrapping. Read the story here.

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