Benjamin Button

India -a land of mysteries
India is a land mysteries where you can find differences every half a mile in language, culture,dialect, foodstyle etc.The country boasts of its demographic dividend but not much is done for the holistic development which the youth(18–29)deserves. As a kid from a normal raising, it is pretty much hard to have lived a life free from ignorance.
Resource sharing
The country’s official retirement age is approximately 58–60 with the average lifespan being 60. Resource which is a rare commodity makes the youth go crazy for jobs, opportunities, elevation in life and all that follows. Everyone wants to live so quickly and become big in their lives. This leads to a mad rush at all times.

Political obligation
When there is absolutely no time for people to look back in life and learn where they belong, what is their shared history it is impossible to kindle the curiosity of the youth? The spirit of enquiry has degraded over time. Thanks to the online world for people are made to forget their own lives online. As they say, it is always the people who don’t know music themselves are the ones who appreciate it also. This applies to political obligation also.

Social literacy
It is a hard fact that in this age of information, we have lost our social literacy as a whole and people struggle to make a conversation for which there shouldn’t have been a problem at all. Imagine the situation on campuses 30 years back. Men would be chasing their female counterparts to talk or have a conversation as portrayed in old movies. What happens now is the reverse where men are afraid at the first instance of speaking to the opposite sex. What was once an easy thing has been made complex by this “single” and “committed” culture? We have started painting everyone in the same way. We like the gym made muscles rather than natural strength. Some don’t even know why they are hitting the gym for reasons other than aesthetics. We have started liking manufactured muscles too. The day is not so far when everyone will be wearing the same brand of dresses according to their economic classes and will be sporting the same so-called style in their life. This is similar to the habit of crossing legs which people pick up by seeing others doing. What should have started as a habit of a woman in skirts while sitting has become an attitudinal symbol now.

Changing tides of employment
As the tides of employment are changing once in a while, people generally tend to run behind jobs which would offer them high time economic security in life. There always exists a time for anyone to become serious in life. The information poor youth of India find themselves in cut-throat competition as a part of their existence. The society is always open to being learnt. But we choose to learn it only during the compulsory UPSC CSE exam preparation. The history, geography and polity of a region are the basics which any common individual should study out of self-interest.Whats happening is the absolute reverse. People jump into a year’s preparation after graduation and try to do everything within their capacity just to ace the exam and ensure a good spot. The spirit of enquiry has become the spirit of necessity. What should have self-fed is now spoon fed.

A good thing happening?
Our daily newspapers bring to our hands things which we can never imagine. Though unemployment pushes millions of Indians to take up whatever exam they find themselves eligible to appear, a good thing is happening when more and more citizens are becoming increasingly aware of what happens around them. But the price should not have been this big which demands the workable years of the common man who otherwise would have enjoyed his time exploring them later in life.