Must use Atom Packages

Pradeep Singh
Jun 20, 2018 · 2 min read
  1. Emmet
    It’s a code snippet tool which enable you to create HTML & CSS faster. Refer for abbreviations.
    To type a html basic structure: type html and press enter
  2. atom-beautify
    cleans up your code, and makes it more readable. To use: Press ctrl+alt+b in any open file (.html, .css, .scss, .js, etc).
  3. color-picker
    You just need to right-click and choose ‘Color Picker’ (CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+C) Color Picker works if your cursor is on the text on CSS/SASS/LESS files that contain one of the following color formats: HEX, HEXa, RGB, RGBa, HSL, HSLa, HSV, HSVa, VEC3 and VEC4, or color variable on SASS or LESS.
  4. file-icons
    File Icons add icons to a filename based on the corresponding file type. It will add visual improvements when you open a file on tab or on tree view. The file icons are customizable, you can add your own icon and change the color through the LESS files in the packages/file-icons/styles directory. The default icon comes in 8 colors and 3 variants (light, medium and dark).
  5. javascript-snippets
    JavaScript Snippets lets you quickly write a portion of JS source code. With defined abbreviation you don’t need to write code word for word, for instance just type cl to make console.log and gi for getElementById.
  6. jquery-snippets
    It’s a code snippet tool which enable you to create jQuery faster. To use: Start typing jQuery code and options will appear as your type. Press tab to select the snippet you want to use.
  7. atom-live-server
    Launch a http server with live reload capability. See your changes live in the browser, without refreshing it.
  8. script-runner
    This package will run various script files inside of Atom, and uses a proper terminal for output. It currently supports JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Ruby, Python, Bash, Go and anything with a shebang line.

Steps to install any package

  • Open Atom application,
  • Go to packages> settings view> install ( Shortcut: CTRL + , )
  • Search for the package you want to install.
  • Click on Install

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