Three Months of Udacity Challenge Scholarship in 5 minutes

Pradeep Singh
May 13, 2018 Β· 5 min read

In collaboration with Geetanjali

It all started on 7 Feb, 2018, when Udacity announced the Challenge Scholarship in association with Google. A 3 month journey was about to begin.

It’s difficult to imagine, that the 3 months are over now.

The Announcements Channel

Whenever we got any notification we all felt very excited. Every time those announcements made us very alerted. Finally We are fond of announcements πŸ˜ƒ Interesting channel on slack was nothing but this announcement πŸ˜„

The Collaborative Projects

  • There were 4 collaborative projects announced, namely Udabuddy, Jeevan-Rakht, Task-Master and Quiz-App
  • Students were allowed to contribute in one or more project
  • The collaborative projects was one of the most important thing that we have got from this scholarship challenge. It forced us to learn Git and GitHub and how the collaborative projects works. I am sure this will surely help us later on when we will work in a private company or in a remote job.
  • Projects goes beyond the scope of this challenge, all of them are open source projects

The Moderators

Akshit Jain (Slack Mentor)

The best way a mentor can prepare another leader is to expose him to other great people.

One of the greatest strength of this course is our mentor Akshit Jain. The way he treated us was always cool and worth to learn from him. The way of conducting ama sessions tells about his managing skills. He never put any pressure on students. He always replied to students in AMA sessions and on DM as well. Finally he was the biggest strength to this community.

To see students make a good professional career for themselves and me contributing to that somehow really keeps me motivated and inspired.

-Akshit Jain

Iip Permana ( Slack Mentor)

He was the one who always cleared our technical doubts in #live-help official channel. He covered all the latest technologies and cleared all our doubts very interestingly.

Aviryan (forums mentor)

Whenever we post any doubt on forums he gives nice explanation.. Most of the times, he was available on forums to solve student’s quizzes.

Vipper Maeglin (forums mentor)

He was the one who reviewed all of our projects. We never noticed any tiredness on him while giving reviews on various projects. He is the best project reviewer ever. His suggestions always helped students to improve their code further.

About the students

The greatest part of this community are students. They are very supportive and sweet. Here are some awards for you πŸ˜‰

@Arshi β€” A good quiz solver, who proves age is not a big deal to become student again.
@Aman β€” good sense of humor and good poll conductor
@aman007 β€” have analytical mind and awesome suggestion giver
@Amar β€” very good explainer and quiz solver
@Aarti Gurjar , @Prabhu Manasaβ€” Good learner and hard worker
@archanaserver β€” A warm hearted girl who always wants to help other girls
@Ayushi Patel β€” Sweet hearted person who always have great smile in every talk
@Ck bhatia β€” awesome live session quiz conductor and cool person
@donut β€” secret observer and great algorithm maker
@ezioda004 β€” workaholic and calm guy
@Goss β€” sincere learner and straightforward
@GauravSingh have very good passion for learning all techs great learner
@Indra_KingofLords β€” have dare to start his start-up and king of lords
@Kavya β€” have great learning passion and most friendly person
@Prabhu Manasa β€” who runs app locally and good learner
@Prateek β€” who have very respect for women and great supporter
@Praveen Saini β€” who always asks β€œhave you solved your question and good care taker
@Richa.T β€” who gave good FB platform to us after may 14 and so sweet person
@Soumya044 β€” most lucky fellow who got US chance and lucky person
@SHASHANK KUMAR β€” who is great mentor among us and so respectable person
@suraj.slack β€” descent, kind and talented person
@vamsi krishna β€” very good learner and very good doubts maker
@Vinay β€” very talented, helpful friend and great English speaker
@Gaurav Aggarwal β€” very sweet and good person
@RuhanRK β€” very good moderator and stylish person
@Nauman β€” good explainer and talented guy
@phanindrakoka β€” very good learner and sweet person
@ravi_reddy_07 β€” cool and good person
@Omika β€” have cute smile and sweet person
@vanisha β€” cool person
@megha sharma β€” very nice person
@tripti saini β€” very hardworking and sweet person
@logan1x β€” great hard worker
@vidit β€” king of general discussion
@Rajesh prasad β€”great blog writer
@vikram β€” descent and cool
@captain price β€”great supporter

For all others, you all were the important part of this community.

What students said

β€œ Being selected for the scholarship was a wonderful feeling, but being a part of this community was what made the journey worthwhile. ”

β€œ This challenge scholarship provided the best platform to learn and the most lively community to reach out to. It’s tough to make the kind of impact that this course made due to its prime focus on interaction. ”

Goss Gautham
Earned Skills, Respect, Love, Care and Opportunities from this scholarship community. ”

Praveen Saini
β€œ This community is the main source of motivation to me. ”

Arshi Saleh
Being a part of the Udacity Google Scholarship Program has been an amazing experience. I have learned so much in these 3 months and the best part is that the learning has not been restricted to the course material. Thank you Udacity and Google for this wonderful opportunity. ”

β€œGreat community, met amazing and inspiring people. One of the best decisions of my life.”

Only 350 students out of 10k will be selected for next phase (which will be announced by May 29, 2018). But everyone of us has learnt something from these 3 months. Now we have friends from all over the countries, buddies and moreover a community.

Thank you all the members, all the mentors, Udacity, Udacity India, Google for this wonderful experience.

Pradeep Singh

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