Letters to Shone

Dear Shone,

Thanks for giving me another wonderful day to write to you.

There’s an incident that my friend Anukul used to reminisce with me often. Its the days of his childhood when people used Pit Latrine. Knowing about it may make you feel vomiting. So, visit the link under your own risk! Don’t blame me later!

So one fine day, responding to the call of nature, the cheerful boy Anukul went and sat over the slab of the pit latrine. As to his nature and super senses, he heard a fine fluttering noise somewhere. As he searched around, his eyes fell over a bug which had fell over the pile of feces. Its wings were incapacitated by the adhesive nature of the fecal matter. A lover of every life before him, he just could not bear the sight of the struggling insect.

Searching around, he brought a long stick, poked it into the pit, carefully near the struggling bug to let it stick onto the stick. Then he pulled it out of the pit. Keeping it away from his body he went to the well nearby. Carefully he poured water drip by drip onto the bug to free its wings from the feces. As the gluing matter cleared from its wings, it started showing rapid movement. With the last drop of water, the bug jumped out in excitement! Fluttering its wings rapidly it ascended to above Anukul’s head as he watched in awe!

He cried in happiness, clapping and shouting loudly, “See, how it is flying like a Helicopter!!!”

Later, he would tell me, people struggle in the mud of distress, disease and disaster. Having struggled so hard for so long, they forget how much potential they have in their wings of life. They only need someone to lend them a helping stick. Can’t you be that someone???

Sweet dreams!

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