Moments that we spend together with nature are embellished with memories and those make us alive, which is different from mere existence. Some of those monsoon memories, I revisit in my dreams…

Sound of jumping inside water,
Making jhapp, jhapp, jhapp
Walking down the heavy pour,
Dropping tapp, tapp, tapp

Cycling against the windy rain,
Sneaking inside raincoats
With a friend on the pillion,
Hiding behind the rider

Mango trees driving the senses
Could find mangoes hidden 
Inside tufts of leaves above,
Or in bushes down the lane

Going in search for rain bugs,
In areas with lush green grass,
Holding them in our hands,
Felt more beautiful than a lass

Running down the streams,
Which ran dry in summers
To behold some fishes,
Sure excited us dreamers!

Bits and pieces of memories,
Built upon the monsoon rain,
Giving us the tiniest joys,
By nature's grace comes again

Merry Rains!!!

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