Dear Shone,

Today we were blessed with the first incessant rainfall of this monsoon season. As appropriate to the weather, I remembered that song "Badal baul bajay re" written long back in 1922 by Rabindranath Tagore. No doubt so many beautiful songs have been written on rain. One of those legendary songs is "aji mu shravani" sung by the Nightingale Lata Mangeshkar in Odia language. Try to sing it. May act as a medicine for headache.

Rain has been choosing you,
Throughout it's time on earth,
Looking up to your eyes,
Spreading smiles on the lives

Rain has been falling on,
Sinners and saints equal,
Letting them remember,
(They're) children of the same mother

Rain has been helping those,
Buried seeds in the earth,
Feeding them, nectar drops,
To let'em grow into mighty Oaks

Rain has been teaching us,
Hardships and times of love,
Thunder and lightnings show,
Harder times are meant to glow

Rain has been spreading scent,
Of strength and happiness,
From Rain forests of Amazon to,
The endless Tibetan Plateau

Breeze of hope comes with rain,
As it comes when come you,
Petrichor is for rain, 
With you smiles come again!


Sweet dreams Rain...

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