Road to endless horizons

No more hesitation,
No more worry,
It’s as simple as this,
No more sorry,

Say what you want,
Ask what you want,
Just Be light on your head,
& do what you want,

I’m gonna be as I am,
& you be as you want,
It’s as simple as this,
It’s you, whom I want,

You, I wanna laugh with,
With you, wanna cry,
You, I wanna convolve with,
My breaths when I sigh,

You, I wanna grow with,
With you, wanna play,
You, I wanna watch with,
Halley’s Comet on its way,

You, I wanna jump with,
The cliff of comfort zone,
And see what lies beneath,
Life’s unturned stones,

You, I wanna drink with,
With you, wanna eat,
With you, I wanna try it all,
Hot, Bitter, sour and sweet,

You, I wanna cycle with,
With you do long rides,
‘See the snow-clad peaks,
And all Antarctic life,

You, I wanna sing with,
Songs of heart and soul,
With you I wanna dance to,
The silliest tunes of all,

You, I want silence with,
With you, wanna scream,
With you, I wanna relish all,
Moments of my dreams,

You, I wanna wake up with,
With you, close my eyes,
You, I wanna spend with,
Heart beats of my life,

You, I wanna walk with,
And cross endless horizons,
With you, I wanna watch,
Passage of time, space and births..
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