In a nutshell, User Stories help in understanding the user problems and developing a more effective and impactful product.

User stories help us rethink the problem from users perspective which helps us to solve the desirable problems rather building something on intuition. So it also gives us the opportunity to understand the problem better and measure how feasible the solution is and viable the market is!

️What are User Stories?

User stories are a simple description of the task, feature or a goal told from the perspective of users or customers. There will be stories associated with every problem you are trying to solve, those stories help us to understand the problem better. Often user stories follow this structure —

As a —…

The design documents help to achieve a fixed goal in product development. Instead of spending time debating on “What?” “Why?” and “How?” you can rather focus on improving the customer experience.

Most of the time, the absence of proper documentation or no documentation at all makes team forget certain elements as the product evolves.

Why they made certain decisions long back while designing a certain feature?

What was the thought process behind that decision?

It is my job, a product designer’s job, to avert all these questions.

As a product designer, we have to keep track of all the design decisions we make during the design process and ensure no information is lost.

What? Why? and How? 🧐

As you finalize the design, give a relevant name to the art-board or component, explain the design flow…

Photography is an amazing art to share the stories with the camera and bring it to others who were not able to encounter it for themselves. If you are good with photography, you should not be shy to show off your work over the internet.

Pic Credit: @zacharystaines

Nowadays the lot of social networks like Flickr, Instagram, 500px have replaced the need for the website. Since I’m building a photography startup, I communicate with a lot of good photographers and they share the same mission as we do @ Crive. …

Are you making user to look at the loading animation in your application?

Yes, it sucks.

Some apps have a loading icon which has some values like percentage (%) or size (1.5mb) which is a something meaning full, even though it won’t be completed at time, but the user has some hope 😂

On the other hand some apps have some loading icons like this :

All these sucks.

A application with a good UX won’t have a loading icon.


What can we do? How to solve this?


What is skeleton wire frame screens?

It is a screen where…


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