76% of employees said, “Yes, there’s an area outside my current role where I feel I could be contributing” (814 employees answered this across 135 companies) when asked through Know Your Company. This result is surprising, considering that most managers feel their employees are slammed and are already at capacity. Thus, this question all the more important to ask: You’ll learn very tactically where your employees want to contribute more to help push your business even further.
The 9 questions that uncover the most surprising insights from employees
Claire Lew

I’ve been asking this question every few months to everyone on my team — it is really useful not just to understand potential direction for employee motivation but also identify skill-sets I might be overlooking. I try to create space for at least a few ‘personal projects’ for my team members to explore. After all, there’s a lot of crap everyone has to do — there’s no better incentive to get through it than the fact that there is something you actively want to pursue to work towards!

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