The CEO Refresher

As for Mark Zuckerberg, it’s no secret that Mark looked up to Steve Jobs at the time. When Aaron Sittig and I were the only designers in late 2005, he would hold his design meetings with us in that classic “aggressive” Steve Jobs-style. It was during one of those meetings where I remember him first uttering the phrase, “I’m CEO, bitch…” — A short story behind the Mark Zuckerberg business card by Bryan Veloso, a Facebook Designer.

Print your business card with a dummy company name and CEO written below. Distribute this among all your friends. After 6 months you better start your company or you’ll be the laughing stock of the entire town. Micheal Dell did this when he was 16.

Countless designs are referred to as “happy accidents” and these would be some prime examples. So dare to wear your attitude. Act like a captain of a pirate ship.

For all the CEOs, show it off. For all the emerging CEOs and startup enthusiasts , get inspired.