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I can’t stand articles like this. I just saw this movie with my wife two nights ago in a theater. We both thought it was ok but certainly not amongst the best of the animated DC films. I was pumped to read a review for it from FSR until I was through the first paragraph and realized this was more an neo feminist opinion piece than a straight up movie review.

I can’t for the life of me understand this new obsession (now not so new) with over analyzing and over criticizing every story’s female character(s). It’s like if the women or stories surrounding these women don’t follow your personal beliefs or your personal line of logic, then they and subsequently the stories themselves, are failures to or biased against women.

Batgirl is not Wonder Woman. She’s a hero of course, but she’s still just a person in a suit. I don’t know how well you know the comics or the Batman universe, but Batman is the height of moral and intellectual authority. How boring would it be if all of his sidekicks were the same way. There would never be any internal friction or conflict. It would just be Batman and his totally in sync, precision team taking out the bad guys. Everyone’s thoughts and actions look questionable next to him, including those in the Bat-family. It just so happens that the burden of some of those questionable things fall upon Batgirl in this story because she has such a pivotal role.

Now to the rape scene and rape scene criticism in general. I think it’s enough. It’s just time to stop. I know it’s been soooooo super cool for the last few years to intensely rail against the portrayal of rape, except that it’s not anymore. Only creeps and scumbags would ever advocate for more rape scenes or rape in general. We can all agree that it’s a terrible, god-awful thing. That said though, it’s real. It’s a real world thing, it’s a real world problem and therefore just as valid as anything else in life as a plot device. With literally everything else on the table, I just can’t understand why rape has become this visual/narrative Rubicon that can’t be crossed. I think it’s more of an insult to pretend that rape doesn’t happen.

Lastly, with “triggering”, I feel like unless you yourself have been raped, you really have no place claiming what triggers something in someone else, especially from an animated feature. I have close relationships with two people who have both been victims of sexual assault. Both have said that triggers are for people who don’t seek help for their trauma and for people who love to dwell in the pain the misery of others by taking it on as their cause.

Next time, I would suggest you stick to a review of the main subject matter instead of focusing on one made up aspect and trying to inject your eye-roll-inspiring, neo-fem, conspiracy drivel.