Control is the ultimate illusion

How many of you enjoy being in control? I’m sure it’s many of you. No one is blaming you, because control feels fucking amazing. The problem is that control doesn’t exist. So sorry to break that one to you sweetie. I know it may sound mean or harsh, but you’re all adults who have come here for a purpose. That purpose is to create something new for yourself. For those of you who thought that was going to be easy, boy are you in for a rude awakening!

Why do you think I am laying it all out like that? Why do you think I’m putting it bluntly? I’m doing it to emphasize my point that you have absolutely no control over anything, including what you end up reading. Control is a lovely illusion that people cling to in order to attempt to make sense of things that happen in life that are senseless.

Let’s take for example one morning you read in the newspaper or watch on television that there was a shooting at a local school. This is something that is not new for any of us and has been occurring more and more frequently in the last years. So you hear about the incident and automatically you decide that your child is going to stay home or maybe even transfer schools. Or maybe you don’t have children yet but you decide that maybe you should vote against gun control so you can have the right to carry your own weapon in case someone tries something.

What are you doing with all that? You’re trying to control a situation that cannot be controlled. You’re attempting to feed into the illusion that if your child stays home or if you have your own gun then the senseless killings may stop or at least you and your family will be safe. That’s great. So now you have a child who is home schooled and you’re getting a rash on your ass from the gun belt you bought on sale with the pistol. So now what? Does this mean you’re safe now?

One evening you’re walking home from the store, you have your new friend Larry (the pistol) on your hip and feeling like no one would dare to fuck with you. As you turn the corner someone hits you over the head knocking you out, when you finally come to you’re bleeding on the pavement and Larry is gone. I may have missed something but it doesn’t sound like you were in control at all in this situation.

Why is that? Do you think it’s because you weren’t alert enough? What about thinking that you should have gone another route home that night. We could spend hours thinking about the coulda shoulda woulda’s but what will you get out of it? Nothing. The truth is that Larry the pistol only bought you a false sense of security and control, because neither you nor Larry can control anyone other than yourself.

Basically it comes down to this. Control can never be achieved because no one is capable of controlling anything outside of themselves, that’s why it is an illusion. While you’re busy feeding into this false notion, the person around the corner is preparing to rob you for everything you have.

We will do anything to gain even a glimpse of this idea called control. It’s part of our nature because we try to believe that it is something that can be obtained. The truth of the matter is that control is nothing more than a magic trick with harmful repercussions.

I wonder what Tony Robbins firewalk followers think?

Read my next entry where we discuss patterns and behaviors we turn to in order to regain the power and control in our lives.

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