Digitization in people’s life!

Digitization is gone beyond our imagination! Today you find technology has got into everything and made our life simpler, better and good for future. Be it anything – either it travelling, communication, entertainment, fitness, sports, food, or work, you will find it everywhere improving our lifestyle and helping us enjoy & perform better.

Science in the coming days for sure is going to make our life better with unique innovations like driverless cars, 3D printing, travel, space or any other thing.

Howsoever, the reason for me to write this blog is that I find that many of us, instead of using this for our betterment in terms of work, entertainment, health and fitness etc, use it more in disadvantageous ways which has resulted in this becoming a menace in our lives!

For example, you will find a lot of people involved in watching tv, playing games on the PlayStation etc that they tend to accumulate more fat and sedentary lifestyles rather than engaging in any physical activity. You find many people busy on their mobile phones talking and talking either while working or house or loo or doing anything. I have read many articles stating that the radiations that come out of mobile phones is not good for us. You find a lot of people stuck on whatsapp or facebook /social networking sites and not finding time for any other productive work good for health or success. Addiction to technology to an extent that you forget other things is not what was technology built for.

My suggestion is that we should use technology in an optimum manner and not get addicted. We should give it the time it requires and use this more for getting advantages in our daily lives. A little change can make our life better and useful.