Going that extraa mile!

Its often said and we all have heard that it’s always good to go that extra mile, that’s what brings success and helps you stay away from failure. For anyone to do well & succeed in life it’s very important to consistently do small efforts which can bring great results. If your goal is say X, than always do little more than X. Go for small changes which help you and your personality work towards those goals. For example whatever you do for your fitness, a sense of fitness — both mental and physical would actually come when you do that little extra.

Most of the times , you would find people working for a particular objective. More often than not, a larger percentage fails to reach and they break down when they have almost done 90% of the task and very few reach the finishing line and complete the 100%. But if you do another few percentages or work a little more, then you have great chances of being successful ! This is because people often dream but do not work hard . Even if they work hard, they do not tend to complete as they either get tired , lose focus or lack interest required to complete the task.

I have noticed that when people are exercising similar things happen. Most of them stop either mid way of the exercise and only few reach the goal they have aspired for. But the real workout is only when your body says you cant exercise anymore and you continue with all the pain and do that little extra. That is what helps your body to get fit and after such cumulative efforts, you find a visible improvement all over in your body.

Relationships in today’s world are brittle. They break fast because one does not get time since one is always so preoccupied with multiple things. Imagine that day you do a little extra, go a little extra in the relationship irrespective if it’s a child, parent, wife, brother, sister or any other relationship, That extra effort/ love of yours will give them so much of happiness that you will be surprised. It will remain in their mind for ever.

Imagine a customer who looks for a service from a company. Lets take an example of you going to a hotel during a holiday or a business visit. You have a certain expectations/picture in your mind based on the brand, the hotel, the locality etc. However when you reach there and you find that they have given you more than what you thought you feel delighted, you talk about it and you tend to always use their services.

Similarly, Let’s look at a sales professional who has clear quantified sales targets to achieve. If they actually work for it and do that little extra than the targets, it not only going to be a good pat on their backs but will lead to beaming confidence and recognition which will be visible all across.

These incremental extras in all spheres of work ,relationships, fitness are what helps you to get successful.

From good to great , there is a very thin difference and the difference is that “little extra “. Go for it guys !