Health the App way!

More often than not health is what we take for granted including me. We always feel we are fit and whatever we do in our daily life style is good and healthy. Even if we have few bad habits which may not be very conducive for good health, we still feel it’s okay and that its not going to harm us!

Food is our obsession and all the good things for us are generally the ones which we do not like. Also we always have an impression that luxury is less work, full rest, less self work and above all few good habits of smoking, drinking etc.

If this is not true for many, it is what I thought and I also found most people thinking in the same way. These people not expressing is a different matter altogether. Slowly with this new age where you find everyone from Presidents to Hollywood actors to Bollywood actors and common people getting fitter, it gives an impression that being fitter and healthier is what is the right thing thing for every one.

I tried my bit, but with so many accumulated preconceived thoughts and the lifestyle that I’ve spent all throughout my life was difficult to change. Even I changed a cm, I felt I am getting fitter. If I walked say for 20 mins in day which I never used to do otherwise, I felt fitter. The day I skipped drinks for couple of the days , I felt I am getting healthy. However, lately when some one advised me that change for the better is only possible with goals and constant monitoring , I decided to go for it.

I bought my first health App about 4 years ago. Very happy, very excited, I felt like I will beat all records. Obviously that was initial enthusiasm, then I started going in for my daily routine and then my daily fitness exercise whatever I felt I was doing great till then. To my surprise , it was zilch! I actually was doing nothing and no calories were getting burnt! It suddenly opened my eyes. I realized what people do at the gym or in the playground i.e walk or run, needs to be a serious and real effort and no leisure walks and no irregular way of exercises.

I got serious and started analyzing my performance daily, then the week’s performance and the calories I burnt.

App taught me to aim for basic goals, be consistent, be sincere and keep at it. I slowly got motivated for a achieving a minimum goal everyday, which essentially brought consistency . I keep looking for a new way to do this everyday. I keep looking to burn more and more calories. The app also made me realize that burning calories is not enough. How active you are every hour of the day, how you avoid sedentary life style and most importantly you consciously start avoiding food which are high on calories and low on fiber etc.

Apps are a mirror of your performance and when you see the mirror, you know what to do to look better, fitter and healthier. Once you start adding friends on the App and then see where you stand in whatever you do, you realize you have a long way to go. My advice to all my friends is go the App Way! It will change your lifestyle and for good!