Intelligent Selling

Sales is not just selling and following a process but it is situational. It is important that the sales person get into “Intelligent Selling” for better results and to optimize the output out of an opportunity.

Most of the sales people generally talk the same set of sentences, probe the same set of questions and work on a prospect in similar manner. While few may also do some tweaking, sales is not just talking! Sales involves proposing solutions that adds value to help the customer do his/her business and making them realize that your services/products are important for their to do business. Lets not forget that today’s age is of an informed consumer.

Sales is actually more of situational selling. I call it “Intelligent Selling”. You need to work on each prospect, each lead and each query by first studying how, why and where it came from. Accordingly you need to plan your sales approach for the customer.

For a pure prospect which you developed through a cold call , you would probably need a very different approach in following the sales process. For a prospect probably where the query came in from the customer and they are interested in your services/product, the approach and home work you do has to be complete different. Apart from the approach, you need to do 80% listening and only then propose solutions. For a lead generated by your telemarketing team, your approach has to different than the above two and above all if you happen to meet someone while networking and get talking business where each of you have to benefit, the approach has to be different. Your skills to judge situations and work on it intelligently will see you through even with a tough deal and get you more business opportunities than a normal sales person. If situations are not understood and as a typical sales person if you drive a client too hard and too early in todays market, they’ll simply walk into the arms of the competitor. Today’s sales person should embrace a thought-leadership approach which essentially is intelligent selling when they are prospecting with a set of customers. Intelligent Selling is being consultative after completely understanding the customer needs, situations and circumstances, objective of change and then offering a value added solution.

Its always better to understand situations, circumstances and then decide your approach, do the homework and plan accordingly. Most of the times, these are the same prospects are also being approached by your competitors. If you have to win over them, analyze the situation, act accordingly and build a strong relationship as that will be key for you to win over others!

Selling is interesting. Selling is more interesting when you intelligently sell. Flair for sales is a winning talent and you can be the one who has it!