Selling is not easy!

Selling is an activity where you essentially follow a process to convince the other party to buy your Product Or Services.

However even if this sounds easy, most of the times I find people saying “Selling is not easy”.

In my view , it is one of the easiest things to do as we all know when we are born we start selling our need to our mother for the milk which we need to drink by crying to get parents attention as a kid etc.

Selling somehow is very interesting and it’s great fun doing the same.

In other words , if we start selling and get into customer acquisition and number crunching, it gives you a great high , work seems to be fun and you end up with a satisfied feeling because of your accomplishments.

One observation which has been majorly true is that if a person is a good sales person , he /she is generally successful in all walks of life.

All aspects of life either professional, personal, relationships or using contacts for your reasons- leveraging your network is all essentially some form of selling.

Its way of life !

But a common myth is thatSelling means endless talking. I have mentioned this in my earlier blogs too, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality !

However for anyone who wants to make selling fun for them, they need a little bit of the following:

a. Home work/ preparation for large deals

b. Understanding Consumer behavior

c. Reading body language and buying signals

d. Revolving your discussions around buying motives

e. Starting serious discussions once a platform is built for an amicable ambience for discussions between both the parties

f. Great Probing skills but shouldn’t. look like an investigative approach

g. Great listening

h. Solution Provider

i. Build faith/trust/conviction. while on discussions

j. Ensure that you follow the structured approach of any of the sales cycles that you know of

k. Customer seeing you as a business partner and a person he can trust for future services after placing their sales order

l. Good and Swift closing skills.

m. Fire in your own belly to GET IT!! Surpass your sales targets !

n. Presentable, Clean, Professional approach and sweet polished voice to listen to !

A note of caution however is that don’t jump the gun, ensure you always do proper home work, go step by step. and don’t think you are the smartest hence never ever fool the customer.

Today the customer is much more literate and well informed than the sales man and hence a consultant approach with a solution is Win Win and in the long term is what is going to take you from good to great in selling skills.