Short Story: Reality or is it?

I was peeping through our bed sheet and with my half closed eyes I tapped on my Fitbit to see for time,
but it didn’t work for the tenth time since I bought it. I think it should be around half past 9 as
I can hear him rushing to get his morning chores done, probably he is taking a bath and left the bathroom door open.
I feel too drowsy to get up, which is very obvious every morning.
I want to make him some breakfast but I am sure I don’t have control over my body, probably too dizzy to get up.

Why do he have to be so harsh to me last night at the hotel?, I know I’ve some issues
but he can be more caring as he has always been in the past. We didn’t even kiss good night,
I am sure he probably didn’t kiss me in the morning as well. And the reason for that is obviously ambiguous.

I hear the shower sound, and I am sure he will be out at any moment. I should act asleep and wait for him to wake me up to come to me.
But I highly doubt it as he is in a rush.
Now a days I always miss him and with his odor everywhere I literally cant take him off my mind.

He’s out of the bathroom and I started acting asleep as I planned and waiting for him to come to me.
But I see things are going in an other way. He swiftly went out of the bedroom and turned towards the kitchen.

I went out of the room at a snail’s pace and I have meowed once, which I usually do to grab his attention.
But this time, it ain’t working. I gave it a shot one more time, but with more failure I decided to call him with his first name.
I recall the last time I called him with his first name, he reacted instantly and
looked back in anger and I ended the weird moment with a blast of laugh.
To my surprise, this time he isn’t even responding to me.

Why do he has to be so rude?, it all takes love to solve issues rather than keeping me away.

Suddenly I hear the first sentence from him for the morning and all he said was, “Honey, I’m leaving!” and I hear
the door shut.
I wanted to text him an angry smiley which normally works, but this time I gave up on it and decided to first freshen myself up
and wipe the mark of sadness off my face. Keeping my head down, thinking of all the happy moments I went to the bathroom.
I always believed freshen the body to freshen the soul. As I was about to hold the brush, I felt something awkward and
I wanted to check if he really left for work.
When I walked out of the bathroom, to my surprise I find him in the bed lying under the bed sheet, probably waiting to surprise me.

I started crawling slowly towards the bed post and after I reached the bed I slowly raised above the bed and
shocked to see a lady sleeping under the bed sheet.
I quickly looked at her and startled when I realized it was not some other lady, but it was me, and I was lying dead.

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