Independent India: 70 Years Young

At the break of dawn; 70 years ago,

An enslaved nation finally awoke; centuries too slow.

This was our “tryst with destiny”; they said,

It was finally time to bed the colonial demons to bed.

The promise of a new tomorrow beckoned and how,

Our leaders further promised to take us farther; they vowed.

The machinations of nascent democracy slowly took root,

A chaotic blend of relevant voices and irrelevant power struggles; too boot.

We trundled along like a train in the dark,

Silently chugging away into the wilderness; stark.

A mixed economy steeped in bureaucracy…

Corruption and inefficiency; only adding to our fallacy…

Poverty and illiteracy became inseparable friends,

The common man suffered finding means to his ends.

Where was the promise that once rang so true?

Were we in danger of becoming a “failed state” too?

Perhaps; or perhaps not…

For India found a way to turn things around,

The promise of yesteryear; today; again does abound.

But yet there remain forces; internal to our land,

That continue to blur boundaries between what we know and understand.

Forces that threaten the foundation of our being,

Unleashed by selfish entities; clearly hard of seeing.

That does hold us back from what we can be,

But isn’t that the case with almost every country?

A region that polarises; replete with paradoxes and contradictions,

A land begotten with developmental afflictions…

“There’s more to her than what meets the eye”,

Look closely; and India is guaranteed to surprise.

For few gave us a chance to get this far,

Doubters and detractors who smirked at our once sinking star.

A journey of a billion souls; a million miles…has only just begun,

There’s some way to go before we take our place under this sun.

Together we have, we continue to and we will…

Chase our collective dreams all the way up the hill.

Unity in diversity tugs at our souls; yet binds them together,

Helping us tide over through the roughest of weather.

70 years young and now pursuing glory,

Let’s all be a part of this incredible growth story.