The prime minister of UK has proposed that any person applying for a spousal visa should display superior knowledge of the English language. A spousal visa can be applied for after having resided in the country for two years.

If the spouses are found lacking in the raised English standards set by the government then they might have to leave. It is proposed that this be initiated in October 2016 though the acceptance of this proposal into law is yet pending.

Discussing his plan with BBC Radio 4 he revealed that there are about 190,000 women with limited ability to converse in English and other 38,000 who can converse in English at all.

The current state is that potential applicants for spousal visa can apply after two and a half years of being in the United Kingdom. They will be required to exhibit superior command over English language to get their spousal visa which will be valid for five years. In the event of failure in the test the applicant may have to leave the country.

The need to implement such a law arose as English speaking is considered to play a crucial role in the social, political and economic integration of a country.

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This law will ensure people with a specific standard of English language knowledge to make their way in the UK.

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This law may come as a shattering news to many. Everyone is proud of their mother tongue and then comes a law which compels you to attain a started standard of a foreign language, English to have the liberty to stay with your spouse.

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