Book review:Think And Grow Rich

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This is my first blog.In this blog I want to share with you the summary of book “Think And Grow Rich”.

“Think And Grow Rich” is a famous book written by Nepolian-Hill.

Let’s get started with Think And Grow Rich summary

One-sentence summary of “Think And Grow Rich”: This book tries to explain why some people get rich while others fail to make end meet.This book published in 1937, this has always been the reference book for people who wants to get rich.

Chapter 0: Introduction

Nepolian-Hill try and determine if there was any similarities between these men who knew how to get rich.

Andrew Carnegie taught this secret to Nepolian-Hill was still a young man.the later he spent his 20 year of his life revealing this secret to more than 100,000 men to check its effectiveness.

The author gives us number of examples of people who have succeeded after acquiring this secret.for him,all the people who acquired this secret and used it were carried away by success!

We put all our money, efforts and time in experimenting new things and then we almost end up at getting fail.

Failure doesn’t mean that you are should get afraid of trying new have all the rights to take decisions and make mistakes.

Mistakes are actually an wonderful thing.committing mistakes that you are trying something new which is never done before.

We can learn so many things by just observing the examples available in front of us.

This can save our lots of money and time.

In the end Nepolian-Hill says;”Every success,every fortune Begins with an idea.”

Chapter 1:First step towards wealth: Desire

Desire is the starting point of all achievement.

This is really a major trait which is common to all the successful people.

They all have a burning desire to do something special, something extraordinary in this world.

Most importantly they understand the basic difference between a burning desire and a wish.

For example,It was Mark Zuckerberg burning desire to establish Facebook as the biggest social media platform on the internet.

It was not Marks wish to take Facebook to the current was his burning desire.

So if you want to achieve something in your life then you must have some sort of burning desire in your heart.

Have you seen the blockbuster movie Bahubali the Beginning-first part?This is one of the best example of burning desire.

In the climax of the movie, when the war was going on between kingdom Mahismati and Kalkeya army.

In the middle of the walls of the Mahismati kingdom gets broken by the Kalkeya devil army.

This breaks down the confidence of the Amrendra Bahubali starts losing their hope.

By understanding the situation of the war.Amrendra Bahubali reaches in between of his army.and talks about with his people regarding the true meaning of the defeat and death.

After listening to Amrendra Bahubali speech his army gets charged and takes control of the war.

This is one of the best example of the burning desire.the burning desire of winning war.

Use this principle to make money by following these 5 steps:

  1. Fix the amount of money you want.
  2. Determine what you want to give in return of getting that amount in your life.
  3. Set the date when you intend to posses all the money you desired.
  4. Create a definit plan to make your desire come true.
  5. Write down the plan on a paper and read it daily

Chapter 2: Second step towards wealth:Faith

Faith is a state of mind obtained by affirming and repeating instructions to the subconscious mind which plays a major role in creating desire using the principal of autosuggestion.

Let’s use yourself as example,why are you reading this article?

Because you want to know how to turn your desire into reality that is money.

The only method to effectively devlope faith is to repeat the following clear orders to one’s subconscious: I want 1 million,I want…..

Faith is state of mind that is created by autosuggestion

You can develop your faith by strongly suggesting to your subconscious that you have a faith.your subconscious will then influence your actions.

If you understand this,then you will appreciate why it is important to remove away one negative thought (“I will fail”) and to encourage positive thoughts(“I will succeed”).

Remember wealth begins with a thought.

Chapter 4:the third step towards wealth: Auto-Suggestion

We have ability to control our thoughts.

Your ability to use the principal of autosuggestion will depend very largly, upon your capacity to concentrate upon a given desire until that desire become reality.

You have to repeat out loud ,what is that you want and how you plan to get it so you become successful in life.

If you control what you will control what happens with you.To be successful you have to have a successful mindset and once your mindset is right,other things falls into place.

If you change your mindset you can change your outcome.

To act on your subconscious,think emotionally

You have to believe in what you say.

Chapter 5:The fourth step towards wealth: Specialisation, personal experiences or observations.

This is the most important thing that is really need to be successful that is specialised knowledge.

So all the successful people who are extremely successful in their professional life or who are extremely successful in their personal life .they all have a specialised knowledge of doing that work that they are executing like of someone wants to be successful or build a big company they have to have a specialised knowledge.witout specialised knowledge they can never successful in that business.

Whether you are building a IT company, whether you are building a service based company whatever you are building you have to have a specialised knowledge of that or you get the people who have specialised knowledge and able to create new things that will sustain and grow.

So you have to keep upgrading yourself to become successful in life or become rich in life.

In this blog I have covered only 4 principles in this book.

In next blog I will complete another principles.

Stay with me,I will be back in with part-2.

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