MiracleOfAsia — One stop travel shop for Sri Lanka; The Most beautiful Island in The World

We are a newly launched cutting edge Destination Management Company in Sri Lanka. Revolutionizing the reservation of the leisure industry in Sri Lanka, local and foreign travelers can experience instant availability a wide range of hotels activities and also complete packages from the pickup to drop off through our online platform; MiracleOfAsia.

Let me introduce you our new brand, ‘MiracleOfAsia’.

MiracleOfAsia, is a new travel startup launched in Sri Lanka promoting the country’s miracles to the world.

Sri Lanka, the island full of miracles is a growing tourism destination in Asia. Some call this island as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Others refer to it as the Wonder of Asia. But the real truth is that Sri Lanka is the Miracle of Asia. The most beautiful island in the World.

Smiling faces where ever you meet a Sri Lankan in the backdrop of astonishing nature where are promise to the world is “ 8 wonderful experiences in 8 wonderful days!”

At MiracleOfAsia, our promise to the guests is the experiential travel. We spend most of our times working with hotels, activity providers and experienced locals to bring you immersive experiences. MiracleOfAsia offers a feature allowing its guests to book additional tours, activities or services when they book a room on MiracleOfAsia. For example, in Colombo, guests can pay $30 to go on a city tour Or if you are planning to stay in a hotel in Paasekudah which is 300km away from Colombo, you can book the hotel with air taxi to travel to Passekudah in less than 1 hour time.

Things to do around your favorite holiday destination

Most of the activities that are provided in MiracleOfAsia has great deals.

We are continuously working with all our suppliers to bring our users the best experiences in Sri Lanka at a minimum cost.

Great deals for great holidays…

Come, discover and see the promise to you at our latest travel startup which brings you the Miracles of Asia.