Software Outsourcing to Krakow — Why UK companies should consider it?

It is not just another sponsored report about Software Outsourcing!

Yes, yes, I know, this post might look like just another sponsored report about Software Outsourcing… I am one of the software outsourcing providers co-founder, this article is published at the software house website so why should you believe in any single word written here? Before you close this tab, let me tell you that I am not a fan of this kind of articles or pseudo-objective (usually sponsored) reports too. This is why I decided to dig deeper and find some real data that will show us if Krakow is really so good for software outsourcing.

Why should London-based IT companies consider outsourcing software development to Krakow?

For my research, I have decided to choose London as the city that I will use for comparison to Krakow. Why London? Because it is the best city for digital entrepreneurs according to EDCi (European Digital City index). You may say that comparing one of the biggest and most expensive city in Europe with relatively small and cheap Krakow is not fair, but let me show the data and see the calculation I have made.

Basic Data about London and Krakow

Let start with some basic data. How big are both cities and how many people live there.

Population and City Size


London: 8 673 7131
 Krakow: 762 5082

City size

London: 1 572 km2 1
 Krakow: 326 km2 2

So London is 4.8 times bigger and has 11,37 times more citizens than Krakow. But does it mean that there is no point in outsourcing software development to such a small city? Let me show you how other numbers looks like.

Number of Students

London: from 306 0003 to 359 9904 (numbers varies depending on the source)
 Krakow: from 170 0005 to 200 0006 (numbers varies depending on the source)

There are only around 1,8 times more students in London than in Kraków. Where in London students are 4.15% of the city population and in Krakow they are 26.34% of the city population. In Krakow, you may find around 613 students on square kilometer and in London, only 229. You may see that Krakow is a really academical city. Easy access to knowledge and that big number of students at the much smaller area makes it easier to exchange knowledge and experience.
 I have not limited those data to only IT students because of two reasons. First — it is extremely hard to find such accurate data. Second — from our experience not only IT graduateds are working in IT (I would even say, that the number of non-IT graduate students is above 35% of all IT employees).

What’s more?

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